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October 27, 2010

RIP - Yahoo Search Marketing / Panama / Overture

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Posted by Adam Viener

The GoYaMi name is under attack! We originally created GoYaMi as a combination of Google Yahoo and Microsoft, the big 3 in search engine advertising.

We just got word today, that the transition from Yahoo Search Marketing to Bing is complete. Now you can manage all your ads across Yahoo and Bing from your Microsoft AdCenter account.

With Ya going away and Mi being Bing, are we supposed to be GoBing or BinGo?

This combination of Yahoo and Bing into a single ad serving platform now gives advertisers access to 163 million unique searches and 33.8% of the US search queries on Yahoo! Search, Bing, and Partner sites all from your single AdCenter account.

Starting on Thursday 10/28/2010, Yahoo Search marketing accounts will switch to "read-only state for the next 6 months so that you can view and download your historical data. Historical data will be available for the past 13 months only.

Yahoo is reporting that no further click charges will accrue, but have not detailed time lines for returning any pre-paid funds. I suggest you contact your rep and request any leftover pre-paid advertising as soon as possible.

For those of us who have been advertising on the platform since the Overture days, it is with mix feelings we mark the passing of the platform that originated the pay-per-click sponsored listings in search engines.

A moment of silence please...

Now back to your normal marketing activities. Bing...

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